GCA Not-The-Usual-Suspects V7 Startup Pitch Event

We are happy to announce a partnership with the Vancouver Economic Commission as co-hosts of our Not The Usual Suspects Angel Event, being held for its 7th iteration in conjunction with Startup Week. The event will take place on September 22nd from 2pm to 4:30pm at the Imperial Theater at 319 Main St near Cordova. VEF will be hosting its event on Angel Financing at 6pm after our event.

The audience is a handpicked group of 25 angels from the local community. Each of the companies will pitch for 8-10 minutes with no audience questions at time. The 10 companies present, with a single break in the middle. We then move to the lounge area for refreshments and networking — that’s the time for questions and one-on-one connections between angels and entrepreneurs. There will be a table set up for company demos.

Our angels are a mix of Usual Suspects (angels well known in the community) and Not The Usual Suspects, angels with business success in finance, retail, manufacturing, mining and other industries. Their interest is to make technology investments, and our goal is to create an environment that is open and non-threatening.

We look forward to another successful event.

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