• 2017 in Review – Investments and Exits

    On December 13th 2017, Brent Holliday presented a summary of 2017 in review – Investments and Exits. Geoffrey Hansen posted an article about this on LinkedIn. Click here to read the full article.

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  • An A-Z of Business Beasts

    Explore the BBC’s bestiary of business terms – from sharks to bear markets. Check on Brent Holliday’s contribution under the letter N. Click here to explore the full bestiary of business terms.

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  • Aquatic Informatics – Age of the Roll-Up

    Consolidation has always been a business strategy. It’s easy to see how various companies with overlapping technology and customer bases could be more powerful and profitable as one… when looking from a 10,000 foot view. The reality is that it is tough to make the deals work when the companies are early stage, private concerns […]

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